The Gili Gili Men

by Lighten Up Sounds

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Crackling voice and reed surrealism, in which the line betwixt live and pre-recorded sound is left blurred and frothing. The Gili Gili Men is a snake-charmer trio featuring mystery members from such sonic subversives as Million Brazilians, Fake Hospital, and Visitor. Dusty lock-groove trance meditations, piled with damaged vocal gargle/shriek incessant cartridge static and loose-fitting horn vomit. A series of strange improvisational harsh-hypnosis sessions documented directly to plastic plates by Arrington de Dionyso, having been recorded live in real time to his antique lathe-cutting machine in Olympia, Washington. Those crackly grooves were then played back and further abused by that same group of warped freakers, fully jammed upon and sent a skipping. Wailing reed abuse and deep non-jazz wrangling, forever soothes the serpent. These recordings ruminate upon a true-life political protest action in India, in which an angry local snake-charmer set loose a writhing basket of live poisonous snakes inside a government office building during business hours. Real time duplicated White shell cassette with full color labels comes packaged with ancient “entwined serpent” card stock J-card, hand numbered in a clear Norelco case. Profound confusion tapestries for illicit social upheaval.

From BBC News:

'Angry India charmer lets loose snakes in office

An angry snakecharmer in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has let loose dozens of snakes in a government office, sparking chaos and panic. Hakkul, of Lara village in Basti district, dumped the snakes, including a number of cobras, at the land revenue office in Harraiya town on Tuesday. Many of the frightened villagers and officials ran out of the office, while others climbed on top of tables. No-one was bitten or injured but the snakes are yet to be caught.

Mr Hakkul is usually called in whenever a snake is spotted in the area and he has saved many lives over the years, local journalist Mazhar Azad told the BBC. Mr Hakkul has petitioned various government offices over the years demanding a plot of land where he can "conserve" his snakes. Mr Azad said Mr Hakkul had even petitioned the president.

Some of the snakes are still in the building Mr Hakkul says his request has been cleared by senior authorities, but the local officials keep delaying it. On Tuesday, Mr Hakkul went to the Tehsil [revenue] office with a group of supporters and emptied out his bags containing venomous snakes.

"Snakes were climbing up the tables and chairs. The office was full, there were nearly 100 officials and clerks and many more visitors," Mr Azad said.

"There was total chaos for several hours. Some people started taking photos with their telephone cameras, others brought out sheets to try to cover the snakes. Some came with sticks and wanted to beat up Hakkul."

Mr Azad said Mr Hakkul and his men escaped in the confusion and are yet to be caught.
So are the snakes which are still hiding in the building.'


released June 1, 2012



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Lighten Up Sounds Minnesota

"Lighten Up Sounds" is a small private imprint focused on the publication and distribution of contemporary art and sound.

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