1. Soundings in Fathoms
    John Swanke

  2. Trapdoor Crucifix
    Andreas Brandal

  3. "Dropping Splinter into Baby's Palm" b/w "Buddy's Room"
    The Savage Young Taterbug

  4. Hoichi The Earless
    Timothy Fife

  5. Time Erases Memory

  6. Autumn Drama
    Andreas Brandal

  7. No On
    David Cintron

  8. Lost Masters of The Shortwave Choir
    John Zuma St. Pelvyn

  9. Continuum Flow
    Der Elektrische Traum

  10. Nocturnal Wanderings

  11. Kimmie Dix & The Doomies
    Kimmie Dix & The Doomies

  12. Teorema
    Karmiciel Wszy

  13. Fists of Dayton!
    Adderall Canyonly

  14. Black Book Run-On
    Graham Baldwin

  15. Soggy Samsonite
    Doggerella Decided Upon

  16. Lumière

  17. Sojourner's Lament

  18. Surface

  19. Hibernation
    Sashash Ulz

  20. Radiant Flux
    Sindre Bjerga

  21. Sir Isaf Gul
    Sir Isaf Gul

  22. Bleach is the Color of my True Love's Hair

  23. Blue Hole
    The Alters

  24. Yurt Transmission
    Mole Hole

  25. Life On Earth is Pure and Golden, Life on Earth is Hell on Earth
    Sam Gas Can and the Charter Communications Defamation League

  26. Every Funeral Ever All At Once Right Now Forever

  27. Il Sentiero Degli Dei
    La Tredicesima Luna

  28. Oltre L’ultima Onda Del Mare
    La Tredicesima Luna

  29. The Cave-In
    Mole Hole

  30. Every Failure Is A Success
    Sindre Bjerga

  31. The Tirehouse Tapes
    Dain Daller

  32. Volume 2
    Tirehouse Tapes

  33. Tunnels Under The Forest

  34. Walking Among Unquiet Trees

  35. Голоса...

  36. Eye of Vision
    Eye of Vision

  37. The Hermetic Trio
    The Hermetic Trio

  38. Folkdrone

  39. House Of Bats
    House of Bats

  40. Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water
    Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water

  41. The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5
    A Vibrant Struggle

  42. "Pearl" b/w "Grey"

  43. The Beast Won't Go To Sleep
    Flesh Coffin

  44. Tonic

  45. Agrippa
    Jon Davis & Matthew Himes

  46. The Limits of All Known Ice
    Adderall Canyonly

  47. III

  48. Dimensional Discordance
    Von Nacht

  49. Weeping Windows
    Weeping Windows

  50. Mot det kalde nord

  51. FREE AS DEAD - Original Film Soundtrack
    Romaine Perrot & Andy Bolus

  52. 2012 Is Real
    Lord Bird

  53. Creation Of The Solar Disc
    Fear Konstruktor

  54. Ampex, Stolaroff, Dogwood, Rain
    John Zuma St. Pelvyn

  55. The Gili Gili Men
    The Gili-Gili Men

  56. Condemned Household Placenta
    Pregnant Houses

  57. Fading Light
    Neon Sea

  58. T'rung
    German Army

  59. Tales of the Frost

  60. Visions in the Black Tundra

  61. The Omen
    Burial Ground

  62. Hymns

  63. Noise Nancy

  64. Order of the Thirty-Six
    Krister Bergman

  65. Lighted / Mole Hole
    Lighted / Mole Hole

  66. Lord Bird Golden Cobra
    Lord Bird Golden Cobra

  67. Nausea Swamp
    The Howling Head

  68. Queendom

  69. Interiors

  70. Sicariidae
    Clear Fluids

  71. Free Boys
    Free Boys

  72. The Smell of Burning Anti-Freeze

  73. Music of the Spheres
    Clear Fluids

  74. VI: Dedicated To Dr. Donald Kahl
    Surgical Renaissance

  75. Born to be born again
    Dysmal Abyss

  76. Disguise The Limit
    Dysmal Abyss

  77. Blood Of Sokar
    Blood of Sokar

  78. Twin Whips
    Twin Whips

  79. Slough
    Office Skin

  80. Don't Kill The Messenger
    Corpse Candle

  81. En La Vanguardia

  82. Radio One / Radio Two
    Three Walls

  83. Mar Habrine
    Mar Habrine

  84. Characters of a Calendar

  85. Foresta Incantata

  86. Pieces
    Burial Ground

  87. The Container

  88. II

  89. Antiseptic
    Men of Science

  90. Men Of Science
    Men of Science

  91. Cruelty

  92. Murmurations

  93. Shep and Me
    Shep and Me

  94. Wrecks & Rescues / Tube Mind
    Caethua / Shep and Me


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